Selected as a korea top online commerce channel PB product supplier.


Wemakeprice, a top social commerce company, has been making several PB products since last year and providing them to customers through its own distribution channels.
We have been planning a PB product for detergent and softener with them from the beginning of 2020.
We highly recognized the quality and competitiveness of Dongbang B&H, and we became a manufacturer and supplier of Wemakeprice PB products.
We hope that the Wemakeprice PB product will be loved by customers.
Thank you.


Dongbang B&H strives to become a company loved by people around the world.

Having accumulated over 30 years since its establishment in 1986,
Dongbang B&H's technology has been overwhelmingly successful overseas.

Dongbang B&H's laundry soap sold in China is well-received in the local market, ranking second in the local market. Dongbang B&H, 

which has been recognized overseas for its soap production technology accumulated over 30 years, has achieved overwhelming results in stability 

and technological capability with its know-how only from Dongbang B&H.   We orient the best quality, packaging, and shipping. 

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